Welcome to Atlas Servers!

I'm glad you've found our site...

We are a small organisation of people who aim to provide the most fun and most enjoyable servers we can!

So, what do we actually do?

  • Here at Atlas Servers we are currently hosting a Garry's Mod Roleplay Server.
  • We also develop our own games and assets which we like to showcase. Just a small side-project.
  • We're currently hosting our Garry's Mod server discussion on our forum, or on our discord server here!

We want you to get involved!

Here at Atlas Servers we're planning to expand our small community into a video game based empire! We welcome all of you to our social platforms, where you can talk to our community and submit ideas and projects with us, so we can all make amazing content for all of us to enjoy. We're talking about game assets, generic media and entertaining content! So join our Discord server today and get involved. We're looking for people just like you!

You can find us on these platforms:

What we aim to do, is what we do best.

Atlas Servers is a community for smaller communities where it would be harder to find similar hobbies that other people enjoy, but that you can all have fun with. Currently our aim to find people who are not only interested in people who play on our game servers, but we're also looking for voluntary game developers to help us design assets and content so we can make a fan based game with something everybody helped to make.

Our ultimate goal is to make an open world game that is so large and free that you can do almost anything you'd like. A game engine within a game. Profitability is something we don't care so much about, as long as the game pays for what it uses and is fun for anybody in the world to enjoy!

NOTE: Currently, our game studio is still in the works! As for now, we're only sticking to server hosting, until we have a partially populated development roster.